Hope you enjoy this information on the early history of the tennis courts.
Bayview Tennis Courts from 50 years ago:
                                                    Notes by Michael Rogan (Snr)

   Background of Warringah Council's Bayview Courts and original 1950s lessee, Jim Northey.
(Jim Northey was a well known local coach and the brother in law of Davis Cup coach, Harry Hopman)

    In 1957, on commencement of opening Mona Vale's first sports store, an arrangement was made
    with Jim Northey, as the lessee, for me (Mick Rogan) to maintain the Bayview tennis courts and
    hirings and at this date commenced the first tennis coaching in the district.
    The Saturday afternoon coaching classes continued for two years before extension of business
    activities outweighed the tennis development. The clubhouse was of weatherboard/tin roof
    construction, the tennis courts were of low grade loam, similar to very white beach sand with,
    one only, pan dunny house situated on southern end of the second court closer to the water.

    Throughout the 1960s, well known and highly regarded Manly tennis coach Syd Drake, continued
    junior coaching at the Bayview tennis courts. John Alexander and Ken Grey were two of Syd's most
    promising pupils. Ken later assisted Syd Drake in his coaching classes at both Bayview and
    Loquat Valley School. Following Syd's ill health, the coaching was taken over by an equally well
    known tennis personality and Collaroy tennis club member, Ernie Ode, in the early to mid 1970s.

 I believe, a Kevin Stewart from Bayview Heights conducted coaching at the courts in the early 1980s.

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