Membership of Bayview Tennis Club Inc. is open to residents of Pittwater
    and adjacent areas. Application for membership must be made on approved
    Application Form.

    Grades of Membership:
    1) Junior Membership: All persons under the age of 18 years on July 1st.
    in the year in which application for membership is made are eligible for
    Junior membership. Currently it is club policy that Junior members pay one
    off entry fee and no annual fee there after while they remain junior
    members. Participation in competitions and inter club tournaments is free of
    charge for Junior members.
    2) Ordinary Membership: All persons over the age of 18.

    Membership Fees:
    Ordinary Membership: Joining Fee:- $185.00; Annual Fee:- $185.00;
    Junior Membership: $92.50 Joining Fee; Currently no Annual Fee.

    For further information, please contact our Secretary,
    Rhonda Purvis on  -(M) 0412-515453 or email:

                                         CLUBHOUSE & COURT BY- LAWS AND CODE OF CONDUCT.

    1.01 The Captain and Vice Captain are empowered to control the order of play in social tennis If neither in
    attendance, the duty will fall to the Committee Member present. If none is available, members present may
    select a suitable person to perform the duty.
    1.02. Every effort should be made to ‘Rotate’ the players, (e.g. longest off, next on etc.) and when practicable
    ‘mixing up’ the pairings.
    1.03. All sets will be doubles pro-sets, (change ends after 4 games), unless only four or less players are
    present. That being the case, the players present may come to a mutual agreement as to whether singles or
    doubles will be played until such time as more players arrive.
    1.04. Play to be strictly confined to the hours between 8am and 10pm Monday to Saturday inclusive and 8am
    till Sunset on Sundays.
    1.05. Members must fill in Logbook when playing under lights
    1.06. Contact details for all court hirers to be collected and recorded.
    1.07. When play finishes before 10.00pm, lights must be turned off before leaving the premises.
    1.08. The premises MUST BE VACATED WITHIN 15 MINUTES when lights are turned off at 10pm.

                                                             MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE:

    2. GUESTS.
    2.01. Each member is entitled to have one (1) guest per calendar month without incurring a Guest Fee. All
    extra guests will incur a fee of $4 per guest per visit, payable (by arrangement) to Court Hiring Officer.
    2.02. Invitation of more than one guest on any one day must be notified to the Club Captain or other officer
    and, if approved, an appropriate fee will apply.
    2.03. Guests will be ‘Rotated’ along with Members. If you bring more than one Guest without notice and the
    courts are in heavy use by Members, only one ‘put-on’ in each rotation will be made available to your guests,
    thereby not disadvantaging the attending members by the size of your party.
    2.04. If you bring more than one guest, (with or without notice), you may organize your own play, (including
    singles), until such time as other members arrive, when upon completion of your set, you are expected to play
    in ‘Rotation” with new arrivals.
    2.05. Your Guests (including family) are not permitted to have access to or use the courts or Club facilities
    unless you are present.
    2.06. You will be held responsible for the behavior of your guests (including any children).
    2.07. Children are not permitted on courts unless a Member is present for on-court supervision.
    2.08. Children will be regarded as “Guests” and subject to (2.01 & 2.02) if they are on court for half an hour or
    more in any one day.

    3.01. Correct Tennis Attire must be worn by Members of Both Sexes
    3.02. Shoes must be free of heels, Bars, Tread or Soles which are normally injurious to the courts.
    3.03. Food may not be consumed on courts.
    3.04. Beverages on court are restricted to water and sports drinks only.
    3.05. Members and Hirers must be aware of their responsibilities to comply with general noise restrictions.

    4.01. All Members are responsible for the Security of the Clubhouse. If you are the last one to leave, lock up
    securely and turn off all lights, including court lights if/when used.
    4.02. Always make sure the Clubhouse is left neat and clean.

    5. PETS.
    5.01. It is a Council Regulation that ANIMALS ARE NOT PERMITTED within the complex. This rule will
    be strictly enforced.

    Once junior member’s playing standard is deemed to be competent they may participate in all play same as
    full member.

    7. Member found to be in breach of any of the above or placing the Club’s facilities in jeopardy will be subject
    to disciplinary action.                                                                                                                   

                                                               Bayview Tennis Club Inc., Management Committee.  2014