Faye Eyles, Kate Etherington,
Jenny Robards & Lesley Stevens.
Winners: Faye & Kate
Ladies' Singles Finalists
Kate Etherington.
Winner: Kate
Men's Doubles Finalists:
Ian Chappell & Ken Grey.
Winners: Ian & Ken
Kate Etherington, Allan Bloxsom,
Sharon Stephenson & Greg Di Stefano.
Winners: Kate & Allan
Michael Rogan &
Ian Chappell
Winner: Ian
Mirry Grey, Ross Cheesman,
Jenny Robards & Rob Boon.
Winners: Jenny & Rob
    CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS is an annual inter club competition held during the months of May/June
    Entries are open to all members including juniors. Entries are accepted for Ladie's Singles, Ladies' Doubles, Men's Singles, Men's Doubles and
    Mixed events. The matches are played on consecutive Sundays, and, while rescheduling is permitted (except Finals), deferments are not
    permitted. It is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with other members and enjoy competitive tennis of high standard. Lunch is available at
    a nominal cost so it's a great enjoyable social interaction. Hope you enjoy the 'photos.

    Special Event is an Annual handicap event with entries open to all members in Mixed Doubles, Ladies' Doubles and Men's Doubles.
    You don't need a partner to enter. The Selection committee pairs off the entrants of higher standard with those of lower standard.  
Ladies' Doubles Specials Finalist
Maureen Kane, Janet Franks
Joan Young & Liz Cullen
Winners: Maureen & Janet
Men's Doubles Specials Finalists:
Ross Jacobson, Brett Creagh,
Winners: Ross & Brett.
Mixed Doubles Finalists:
Anne Tucker, Greg Di Stefano
Winners: Julie King & Nick Rankin
Men's Doubles Finalists:
Allan Bloxsom, Greg Di Stefano,
Michael Rogan & David Niven
Winners: Allan & Greg
Kate Etherington, Allan Bloxsom,
Dieter Kammerl & Jackie Gilbert.
Winners: Allan & Kate
Ladies' Doubles Finalists:
Kate Etherington & Kathy Cheetham.
Winners: Kathy & Kate
Men's Singles Finalists:
Michael Rogan &
Ross Jacobson.
Winner: Ross
Ladies Singles Finalist.
Kate Etherington &
Julie King.
Winner W/O: Kate
Men's Doubles Finalists:
Steve Ramage, Mark Salvaterra,
James Etherington & Erden Katri.
Winners: Steve & Erden
Jeanette Smith, Tatava Porter,
Liz Cullen & Alison Metcalfe.
Winners: Jeanette & Tatava
Mixed Doubles Finalists:
Tom Creagh, Maureen Kane,
Matthew Rankin & Jenny Robards.
Winners: Jenny & Matthew.
Men's Singles Finalists:
Ross Jacobson
with Club Captain Keith Smith
Winner: Greg
Men's Doubles Finalists:
Greg Di Stefano, Allan Bloxsom,
Ross Jacobson & Mark Salvaterra
with Club Captain, Keith Smith.
Winners; Ross & Mark
Ladies' Doubles Finalists:
Charmain Bloxsom, Faye Eyles,
Kathy Cheetham & Kate Etherington
Winners: Kathy & Kate.
Kate Etherington &
Tatava Porter
Winner: Kate
Allan Bloxsom, Kate Etherington,
Kathy Cheetham & Mark Salvaterra  
with Club Captain, Keith Smith
Winners: Kathy & Mark.
Jeanette Smith, Wendy Young,
Dabbie Rankin & Maureen Kane.
Winners: Debbie and Maureen
Allan Bloxsom, Garry Matthew-Stubbs,
Winners: David & Rob
Lauren Woods & Daniel Cullen
Winners: Ross & Monica.
Ladies' Doubles Finalists::
Lauren Woods, Jenny Robards,
Kathy Cheetham & Kate Etherington.
Winners: Kathy & Kate
Luke Salvaterra with
Club Captain Keith Smith.
Dieter Kammerl, David Niven,
Ross Jacobson & Mark Salvaterra.
Winners: Ross & Mark
with Club Captain Keith Smith.
Winner: Lauren
Mixed Doubles Finalists:
Kathy Cheetham & Mark Salvaterra.
Winners: Lauren & Robbie.
Ladies' Doubles Finalists:
Nolene Deane, Val Mitchell with
Club Captain, Mark Salvaterra.
Winners: Jenny & Monica
Men's Doubles Finalists:
John Sheerin, Trevor Boyce,
Allan Bloxsom & James Etherington.
Winners: Allan & James
Club Vice-captain, Michael Young
and Club-captain, Mark Salvaterra with
Judith Taylor, Ross Jacobson,
Sharon Stephenson & Lloyd Alexander.
Winners: Judith & Ross
& Luke Salvaterra
Winner: Luke
Ladies' Doubles Contestants:
Megan Rawlings, Val Mitchell,
Kate Etherington & Kathy Cosgrove.
Winners: Kate & Kathy.
Mixed Doubles Contestants:
Kate Etherington & Allan Bloxsom
Winners: Allan & Kate
Ladies' Singles Contestants:
Kate Etherington & Megan Rawlings
with Club Vice-captain Michael Young.
Winner: Kate
Allan Bloxsom, Dieter Kammerl,
Winners: Allan & Ross
Ladies' Doubles Finalists:
Julie King, Charmain Bloxsom,
Mike Young, Club Vice-captain (rear),  
and Club-captain. Mark Salvaterra.
Winners: Debbie & Sue  
Mark Salvaterra & Garry Matthew-Stubbs,
with Club Vice-captain Mike Young (rear)
Winners: Matt & James
Mixed Doubles Finalists:
Greg DiStefano, Karen Stapleton,
Sean Straney & Charlotte Wells with
Winners: Greg & Karen
Lloyd Alexander
& Luke Salvaterra
Winner: Luke
Ladies' Singles Contestants
Liz Cullen & Megan Rawlings
with Club Captain, Mark
Winner: Megan
Mixed Doubles Contestants:
Sean Straney, Megan Rawlings, with
Club Captain Mark Salvaterra.
Winners: Melissa & Luke
Men's Doubles Contestants:
Mark Salvaterra & Luke Salvaterra.
Winners: Mark & Luke
Jackie Gilbert and Kate Etherington.
Men's Doubles Finalists:
Rob Boon, Garry Matthew-Stubbs,
Steve Ramage & John Sheerin with
Club Captain Mark Salvaterra
Winners: Steve & John
Tatava Porter & Sandy Camier with
Club Captain Mark Salvaterra
Winners: Tatava & Sandy
Rob Boon, Val Mitchell,
Paul Willard & Liz Cullen
WInners: Liz & Paul
Men's Singles Contestants:
Club Captain, Mark Salvaterra.
Winner: Greg
Ladies' Singles Contestants:
Julie King & Liz Cullen.
Men's Doubles Contestants:
Ross Jacobson, Mark Salvaterra
Greg Di Stefano & Greg Rogan
Winners: Ross & Mark.
Ladies' Doubles Contestants:
Kate Etherington & Jackie Gilbert with
Club Captain, Mark Salvaterra
Winners: Kate & Jackie
Mixed Doubles Contestants:
Julie King, Greg Rogan,
Kate Etherington & Mark Salvaterra.
Winners: Kate & Mark
Men's Doubles Finalists:
Steve Ramage, James Etherington,
Mark Salvaterra & Jin Choi.
Winners: Mark & Jin
Ladies' Doubles Finalists:
Lee Collard, Kate Etherington,
Valerie Mitchell & Debbie Rankin.
Winners: Valerie & Debbie.
Maureen Kane, Maria Plant,
Mark Salvaterra (Club Captain),
Debbie Rankin & Kim Popplewell
Winners: Maureen & Debbie.
Men's Doubles Finalists:
Steve Ramage, George Dipper,
Sean McCauley, Ross Jacobson,
with Club Captain Mark Salvaterra.
Winners: Ross & Sean
Kate Etherington, Jackie Gilbert,
Liz Cullen & Valerie Mitchell.
Winners: Kate & Jackie
Mark Salvaterra, Kate Etherington,
Melissa Salvaterrra & Luke Salvaterra.
Winners: Melissa & Luke